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Easy Party Hairstyle

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Fel Sanz: gracias linda muy util para los winderos que deseamos conocer y mejorar con las Mac gracias.
iKhoStyle7i: Brazil team, changing shirt during the second half. Neymar scored his first goal in the first half, (yellow shirt) and two goals in the second half (blue shirt) Enjoy the video :)
zomzom26: XD so realistic untill MOTHA freakING BLACK BITCH GOTTA SHO UP AND SAY BBRAININS AND FLESH! [im not racist!]
Bassotronics: Those systems are very interesting and beautiful! Too bad I dont have $20,000 to spend on it.
holycrappitsjo: Yes, I concur! Can you show us how to make a top like Corrine's? And also...I was wondering if there's anyway to turn a normal baseball hat into a scally cap? (I believe that's how you spell it...?) Or just how to make one from scratch. 'cause I can never find one, and if I do, they're always too small for my gargantuan noggin. Thanks! Keep rockin'! -Jo
MCFarmerD: spelt film wrong at the start
SuperNerfmaster1: vean el minuto 3:04 ibrahimobich o como sea que se escriba ..hahaha parese que esta deforme el kapo